Torn Quote "I need another coffee"

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These Torn "I need another coffee" Quote mugs are designed by Serena Child, and sold exclusively through 7dayshop Print Store.

Serena's Torn Tea and Coffee Quote designs are minimalist office humour, aimed squarely at  epitomising the banality of the office day to day repetitive nature, whilst poking fun at it's monotonous regime. They make the perfect accompaniment to uber-tidy utilitarian ultra-efficient worker-bee pods, or paper-strewn, chaotic, disorganised, disaster zones.  

It goes without saying that these also make fabulous gifts.

The images are seamlessly & thermally printed onto each mug, and are of a very high quality and 100% dishwasher safe - we have our own sets of corporate mugs tested extensively in-house, that have been washed many thousands of times and still retain their original colour & clarity.

Ordering is straightforward and easy, simply select a suitable template from the designs available, and add your own images.  

You can set a background colour and add some text, a name, or a message, with a wide range of fonts and colours available to choose from.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our printing services and products.